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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Regions of Georgia Diorama Project Due Oct. 2

Next Friday we will have our first project of the year due! I will be passing out the directions to the project on Wednesday. In case you lose the directions, you may look on here for the requirements:

We will be completing our first project for the year by making a diorama on one of Georgia’s regions. In science for this past 9 weeks we have studied about the Mountain, Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Swamp & Marsh, and Ocean regions of Georgia. Students are to pick 1 region to make a shoebox diorama on. In their shoebox diorama they need to include:
*physical appearance of the region
*animals found in the region
*plants that are found in the region
*A written paragraph explaining the region you chose
You may use anything to complete the inside of your diorama such as: toys, drawings, cut outs from magazines, candy, etc. Be creative! Information on each region has been sent home in their Friday Folders last week. The class completed a packet on each region, but if you did lose this, you may look online or in the textbook to help you. Attached with your diorama, you need to have a written paragraph explaining what region you chose, and what you put in your diorama.
Here are some links that will help you get started on your diorama:
*Creating your diorama: